Out of the 7.7 billion world population, 41% of it is under 24 years of age. A single glimpse across the world media will give us a clear idea of what the world youth is going through. Few specific words that will define their state of mind are as follows; anger, frustration, rebellious, depressed & furious. The reason can vary from political to personal but the youth across the planet is unhappy & angry. Let’s try and find out the reason, country wise.


The stage can be big enough, the players and the hero can have their influences but every character needs to have its own charm and diversity to mark its presence, to live longer than the other. But imagine a play where all the characters are like a carbon copy of the hero, but they are very good in performance, stage obedience and timing. Would you still consider the group to be remembered? So is our society.

The effects of globalization have a bad side too. It pushes us to think that there is an international leader much brighter, intelligent &…

Was reading Arundhati Roy’s article for the wire today. Chilling documentation of words describing the current fate and havoc across India. If this is the reality then who is responsible for all the deaths? Possibly everyone is trying their best to avoid the loss of lives. But somehow we need to criticize ourselves as well for our habit of pointing out to others for failure. Truth is stranger than fiction as we know can take a longer time to be revealed.

What exactly is more dangerous? The virus itself or the fear of it? We have gathered experience of more…

India’s number 1 tech learning app Witblox is much ahead of time. When the country is still dreaming & cheering for video-based tuition classes Witblox is busy inventing smart electronic modules which will help children understand the smartness of the bigger world for the future. Basic education is important but with the evolution of different learning management systems children now can easily get the grasp of daily learning. But what about forward planning and mentoring for the future? This can only be done by those who deal with things which are meant for future use & have the vision of…

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Around the world, researchers are busy teaching machines to learn like a child. Machine learning in the coming days is going to be a very common aspect of daily life. Robots will perform better tasks than any human. They will learn a mountain of data in a few minutes. Data & pattern recognition based work will mostly be done by robots in a much faster and easier way. …

Survival of the fittest is no more applicable as global health is going through its worst phase.

Ask your soul, are we really aware of the global manipulation and adulteration of the food cycle. Some are done intentionally and some are a part of a chain reaction.

“Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that originated from Darwinian evolutionary theory as a way of describing the mechanism of natural selection. But the selection is only valid if the contenders are in a good health and strong enough to survive. But somehow the recent global pandemic has clearly shown us that Western & Europian countries are not as strong as the South Asian and African countries. In other…

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All big & rich names once started from zero, so what made them make things possible which gave them such success? Let's find out.

Keep working hard on a vision

Often we hear people say (especially elders) ‘work hard and it will pay for your efforts’. When we hear such statements either we are too young to understand the real meaning of it or we are in a different mood where we pay the least interest. I believe even the ‘working hard’ statement is not complete. The real statement should have been ‘work hard for yourself and it will pay for your efforts’. No matter how…

In a recent development, an ed-tech company based out of Mumbai for children which deal in modular robotics as an instrument of learning for STEM education received an order amounting to a jaw-dropping figure of more than 1 crore. The exact amount was INR 11,950,000 which in words was ‘one crore nineteen lakhs & fifty thousand’.

Often in this busy world where people are more kin in placing an online order rather investing time in going around shops, we often forget the factors of risk that we take unknowingly. …

The primary philosophy of schooling has not changed over the last century. This article is here but not to criticise schooling rather to help you understand what best can you give to your child.

We all know Elon Musk very well. A few years back he pulled off his 5 children from their school & started his own school by the name Ad Astra, which means ‘to the stars’. Ask yourself, why the richest man in the world did so? He could have sent his children to the best schools in the world?

Ad Astra runs on two basic principles.

The University of Chicago Laboratory School is one of the most distinguished pioneer schools of the progressive education movement. This entry discusses the history of the school, its purpose, and its teaching philosophy and methods.

Source: Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy, ed. D.C. Phillips. Thousend Oaks, CA: Sage 2014. Vol. 2. Pp. 455–458.

Founded in November 1894 by John Dewey and University President William R. Harper, the “Dewey School” opened its doors as University Primary School on January 13, 1896, in the Hyde Park Area of Chicago, with twelve children present and one teacher in charge. The school, since…

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